• PR34004_1-min

    Scooter Storage Cover

  • PR34003_L_4-minPR34003_L-min

    Scooter Cape

  • VA121S-minVA121S_in2-min

    Lap Strap for Wheelchair or Scooter

    An adjustable, black, safety lap strap, which can be secured around the backrest or arm rest of wheelchairs or scooters.

  • caddy

    Scooter Caddy

  • va134st_in1

    Scooter Bag

    The Scooter Bag has been specially designed to fit neatly onto the rear of most standard electric scooters and provides a generous, zipped storage space for coats or jacket, shopping, medication, snacks, etc. There is a sturdy carry handle at the top of the bag, plus adjustable straps and buckles on the back, which easily fasten around the scooter seat.

  • pr34007.jpg

    Scooter Seat Cover

  • pr34006.jpg

    Scooter Control Pannel Cover