Scooter Insurance from Mark Bates Ltd

Mark Bates Ltd provide some of the most comprehensive and robust mobility scooter cover available in the UK.

Designed to give you peace of mind and keep you mobile.

They pride ourselves on being a reliable, professional and caring insurer, and they have been providing specialist insurance and extended warranty for wheelchairs and mobility scooters for more than 30 years.

Why insure my scooter?

Cover the Cost

If you have an accident and your to fault, insurance will help cover the cost of other people's injuries.

Cover Abroad

Insurance policies for scooters include onboard aircraft and airport handling, you'll be covered worldwide.

Damaged Cover

Insurance can replace any damage parts and repair your scooter, you'll also be provided a replacement until your scooter is repaired.

Lost & Stolen

Insurance will even help cover the cost of lost or stolen Scooters, ensuring that you will never suffer when a crisis happens.

A 24 hour a day, 7 days a week recovery service is available to users of powered wheelchairs and scooters

Their Mobility Scooter Recovery service is provided by Autohome Assistance who have specialised in scooter recovery for over 30 years. This service provides assistance following immobilisation, mechanical or electrical breakdown of your scooter as a result of an accident, tyre puncture or flat battery. You and your machine will be transported to your home address as long as the distance is no more than 20 miles from the recovery site.
This additional service is only available if you purchase insurance cover for your mobility vehicle with them. For full details of the service and a quotation contact them on 0345 602 8000 (between the hours of 9am to 5pm

Please Note: It is possible that you may already have some cover for your mobility scooter under a household contents policy; it is unlikely that you will have all the cover provided by a separate Mobility policy but you should check.

Why Choose Scooter Insurance?

Customer Service

Renowned customer service, dedicated to helping you with any questions, queries or issues.

30 Years Experience

With over 30 years of experience, Lockton will be able to provide the most experienced customer service, confidentiality reassuring you along every step of the way.

Public Liability Cover

Offering you peace of mind in the event that an accident is caused by yourself and others would like to claim against you with the backing of guidance and support.

Scooter Insurance Cost

The Basic Cover 

This package includes public liability cover for only £32 a year.

This package includes compensation for you and a carer or personal assistant of up to £2 million should you accidentally injure another person (including fatally) or damage their property while on your machine.

Advanced Gold Cover 

For £38 a year, Lockton provides a fully comprehensive insurance for mobility scooters, this includes the public liability protection and also insures you against loss, theft and damage (both malicious and accidental)

Advanced Warranty

For £115 Lockton provides all the benefits of the Advanced Gold package, alongside up to £1000 towards repairs if your machine becomes faulty or broken.