• VM922A

    Drinking Cup with Two Spouts

    This cup is supplied with two tops; one with a small hole for drinking fluids and the other featuring a larger hole for more solid food.

  • Bibs-min

    Adult Clothing Protectors

  • VM903

    Scoop Plate

    This Scoop Plate is a popular dining aid, specially shaped to assist users who have limited dexterity.

  • Dycem® Anchorpad


  • bibs.jpg

    Adult Clothing Protectors

  • Lightweight Foam Handled Cutlery Set

    Lightweight Foam Handled Cutlery Set

    – Lightweight foam handled cutlery set
    – Made of high quality stainless steel
    – Ideal for those with a weak or painful grip
    – Kit include knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon
    – Handle measures 28 mm diameter by 115 mm length

  • Bendable Cutlery Set (3 piece

    Bendable Cutlery Set (3 piece)

    Dining aid set including a bendable spoon and bendable fork together with a rocker knife and utensil strap

  • vm979p_in1.jpgvm979p.jpg

    Adult Dining Bibs (3 Pack)

    These attractive Adult Tartan Bibs have an absorbent top layer with a waterproof backing. Machine wash (up to 60 degrees C) then line or tumble-dry. Supplied in packs of 3 (pattern may vary).

  • ao_dycem_bottle_opener.jpg

    Bottle Opener

  • f22168.pt01.jpgdycem-non-slip-jar-opener-white.jpg

    Jar Opener

  • VG837

    Malling Perching Stool

    The Malling Perching Stools are a tried and trusted range of products. The Malling Perching Stool is available with a wide variety of options to suit the user.

  • aa5720_1.jpg

    Two Handled Mug and Lids