• VR270AB-min

    1L Male Urinal

    The Male Urinal has an integrated carry handle and anti spill lid.

  • VM927A

    3-in-1 Pill Cutter, Crusher and Storage

    The Pill Cutter and Crusher is ideal for users who find it difficult to swallow tablets whole, particularly those with limited dexterity.

  • VG819

    Beaumont Leg Rest

    Offering an economical leg rest option, the Beaumont Leg Rest has a flat surface and an easy-to-clean vinyl fabric.

  • Birling Back Rest

    Birling Bed Back Rest

    The Birling Bed Back Rest is an ideal and versatile adjustable back rest for resting patients or those seeking greater comfort in bed.

  • -8%

    Breeze Indoor Rollator

    £120.00 £110.00
  • VP159C

    Cane/Crutch Holder

    Allows a cane/crutch to be securely fixed to a desk for easy access.

  • PR55005PR55005_1

    Easy Pull Sock Aid

  • vm938a_in1

    Folding Wooden Bed Tray

    This attractive and functional Folding Bed Tray makes breakfast in bed, reading or writing easy. The handy folding tray can be used as a bed tray or as a lap tray.

  • vm949

    Leg Lifter Aid

    This handy personal aid enables the leg to be lifted on or off a wheelchair or bed by pulling the handle loop.

  • PR63006_1PR63006

    Long Handled Toe Nail Scissors

  • vg801

    Meopham Height Adjustable Trolley with Wooden Trays

    The Meopham Height Adjustable Trolley with wooden trays is designed for longevity of service, making it an ideal product for the community loan service as well as home users who will benefit from the sturdy build.

  • Exhibition

    Portable Bidet

    This personal toileting aid is ideal for homes with smaller bathrooms, so you can maintain personal hygiene more easily. Designed to fit on standard toilets and commodes, the Portable Bidet features sturdy outer lips to rest on the toilet bowl, a built-in soap tray, and a convenient pouring edge for easy emptying