Kalli Dos Cushion


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Product Description

The positioning backrest improves a person’s comfort in the sitting position and creates an interface between the person’s back and the back of the chair. Situations in which back discomfort exists are likely to result in the user sliding on the seat of the chair.

Thanks to its many beneficial features, this backrest:

  • Reduces the pressure felt by the person’s spine and shoulder blades when in contact with the chair’s frame and setback fabric.
  • Adopts to the person’s morphology, even in cases of kyphosis.
  • Provides comfort throughout the day, everyday.
  • Is easy to install and attach to the chair.

High resilience foam: 37 kg/m3
Cover fabric: 100% cotton

This item is also sold with the matching cushion with a 10% Discount

Additional Information


50-100 mm / 2-4″


480 mm / 19″


460 mm / 18″



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